I’d become a contractor, if it wasn’t so complicated…

The contract/interim market is booming right now and with the skills gap increasing and the demand the demand for talent expanding weekly, now is a good time for those looking to make the switch.

Switching from PAYE employment can be quite daunting, there are natural concerns that anyone will have. This is quite normal and no one can be blamed for being a bit cautious at first. What if the contract doesn’t work out? What happens after this contract ends, how long will I be waiting for the next one?

It is questions like that, that you can answer by building up a good relationship with your recruiter and they should be on hand to speak with you to address such concerns.

But what about the admin side of things? Whilst running your own company can be time consuming, it’s not necessarily as big a concern as you may think.

Yes you need to complete timesheets in a timely manner. Yes expenses need to be signed off in the right fashion but there is technology available to make this very easy. Climb Associates provide Self Bill, Online Timesheeting and expense re-claim to make this essential bit of admin, as efficient as possible.

But what about getting invoices paid? It’s here when you need to be working with a reputable agency that pays quickly. It’s also worth working with a good accountant or umbrella company to raise the invoices on your behalf. These may seem to be an additional cost, but are really worth their weight in gold, certainly when you are first setting up.

Any business flourishes when you have the right partners, so take the time to build a good relationship with an accountant, umbrella firm and especially your agency, when embarking into the world of contracting. If you can get that part right, then all you need to do is focus on delivering your expertise to the client….and you already know that you are good at that part!!