Woe is me! Some people dislike recruiters.

People are perfectly entitled to their opinions on the recruitment industry and, for that matter, any industry where they’ve previously received bad service.

I dislike some logistics companies and whilst I continue to use the train I hate the service they provide. I’m not a fan of John Lewis online although I really like the in-store experience. These are my personal views and someone telling me they’ve previously had a good or better experience than the one I’ve had isn’t going to change my view. The only way my view is going to change is if/when I receive a good service from these industries or companies.

This brings me on to my point, if someone has an issue with (in this case) the recruitment industry we should listen to their grievances and subsequently try to be better. Their mind won’t be changed by either a) a recruiter telling them how they or their company act more professionally or b) someone illustrating their own positive experience of recruitment.

The only way this person is going to change their mind regarding recruiters or the industry is by receiving a better service on a consistent and ongoing basis.

I agree with your arguments that we aren’t all the same. Service levels vary dramatically from company to company, that will always be the case.

I think Derren Brown summed it up nicely when he said, “The only things you can control are your thoughts and actions. We spend our lives trying to somehow fix stuff we can’t, like what other people think and do.”

I can’t change what people think of recruitment, I can’t change the practices of other recruiters. What I can control are the practices I use in my own recruitment business and the way I treat my candidates and the way I interact with my customers. Everything else is outside of my control.

In that way, hopefully I can provide a positive experience for all the people with whom I interact in my own little recruitment world.

Ultimately though, I know I’m not the only person shaping their view and I just have to deal with that.