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Two of the most significant aspects of technology transformation are the increasing demand for mobility in the workplace and the ever growing threat of cyber crime. iQuila is a cutting edge software that addresses these points head on. Fully encrypted, it allows IT support departments to maintain complete control of mobile devices, irrespective of physical location of that device.
Connecting at Layer2, iQuila allows full network access, subject to group policy, and security protocols via any internet connection.
iQuila needs no expensive hardware, is quick and easy to install and more reliable and effective than traditional VPN.
iQuila, Virtual Extended Network – The future is here.

iQuila VEN (Virtual Extended Network) is a completely new concept which is secure, quick and efficient. No more struggling with setting up VPNs, with all that entails. Why not create a VEN and be fully operational in less than 10 minutes? INTERESTED? Fill in the application form on our website and we will get back to you within 24hrs.