A few words about us

Founded in 2013, Climb Associates was created to approach technology recruitment differently. Instead of focusing only on the technology, we look at the bigger picture and take the time to understand the business drivers behind the resource need. Our job is to understand not only your requirement, but also your company, your culture and the business challenge you’re looking to overcome by recruiting our candidates.

We deliver the best talent available to meet your organisational challenges. We do not simply rely on advert responses or key word matches to meet your need – that adds little value. We carry out candidate evaluation based on the following priorities:-

Work eligibility > Culture & Values > Business Objective > Technology > Commercial fit

By doing this we streamline the recruitment process to maximise our value and that of the candidate(s) from the word GO!

Finally, we understand that when we engage with prospective candidates for your requirements, we are acting as representatives of your company. As such, we ensure all applications are handled with the utmost integrity, with an honest, open and continual approach to communication.
Regardless of your industry, we treat every applicant as if they’re your customer, giving them the highest quality service no matter the outcome to ensure their experience of your brand is faultless.