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As a specialist in Business Transformation, Climb Associates are always on the look out for emerging trends and solutions impacting the transformation space. Two of the most significant aspects of technology transformation are the increasing demand for mobility in the workplace and the ever growing threat of cyber crime. iQuila is a cutting edge software […]

Father Christmas vs. GDPR

  For what it’s worth, I don’t think Father Christmas (Santa Claus) is in contravention of Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (Consent) for a couple of reasons. 1) I’d suggest his list is made up of either a) last year’s customers (children who consented to him delivering them toys via […]

KONGS Cardiff Review

Written by Kay Panisales It’s the first Payday Friday Lunch of 2017! New year, new start for Climb Associates welcoming 2 new awesome members of staff: that’s myself and our in-house charmer, Michael Jones. Starting off this year’s tradition of trying out and promoting independent restaurants in Cardiff is the recently opened Kongs. Chris and […]

Woe is me! Some people dislike recruiters.

People are perfectly entitled to their opinions on the recruitment industry and, for that matter, any industry where they’ve previously received bad service. I dislike some logistics companies and whilst I continue to use the train I hate the service they provide. I’m not a fan of John Lewis online although I really like the […]

What is recruitment? It’s best not to overthink it.

Recruitment is theoretically selling the prospect of a service. Once the organisation has theoretically purchased your prospective service you then need to try to provide an actual service to the organisation whilst, at the same time, theoretically selling the prospect of a new role to a potential candidate. Once the prospective candidate has theoretically bought […]

Are you looking for a job using LinkedIn? Here are some tips.

  LinkedIn, for better or worse, is turning/has turned into a CV database and a prime source of candidates for recruiters.   If you are planning to use LinkedIn as a tool with which you can secure your next contract or permanent position then it’s important for you to know how recruiters use LinkedIn to […]

I’d become a contractor, if it wasn’t so complicated…

The contract/interim market is booming right now and with the skills gap increasing and the demand the demand for talent expanding weekly, now is a good time for those looking to make the switch. Switching from PAYE employment can be quite daunting, there are natural concerns that anyone will have. This is quite normal and […]